Pameal Wyn Shannon amid maple leaves emanating autumnal vibes
Pamela Wyn Shannon

 Pamela Wyn Shannon is an American guitarist-singer-songwriter who, like countryman Jeb Loy Nichols, has found a creative haven living in the Welsh hills. She has been on the WHC radar for a long time but the pandemic put a spanner in the works and it has taken a while to finally have her come and play for us.

Pamela’s unique compositions have an elliptical quality with their own rules, conjuring up their own kingdoms and time frames. Her songs possess a magic reminiscent of the records from the 1960s folk renaissance and it will come as no surprise that she has found kindred spirits in the Weirdshire collective. Her inventive and intricate guitar work has been described as "a tiny chamber orchestra working in unison at the end of her hands," and her vocal style has a delicate lilting sensitivity. Hers are songs to get lost in.

Pleasingly, Pamela's bewitching wool animation, "Pipkin"  (produced by the lovely Linda McCarthy, Tiny Elephants Ltd) premiered at the Green Man festival and has been shown in cinemas throughout the USA & Europe and will at some point appear on the big screen at a WHC film night.

For her WHC debut on Thursday 25th May 2023, Pamela will be joined by Amy Wheel, a Cardiff-based multi-instrumentalist specialising in wind instruments, harmonium and percussion. Amy has also produced and  presented programmes for BBC radio.

Richard MC of the WHC
Hi Paul, go to the home page or events page and click on the live link in the Jeb Loy Nichols and Clovis Phillips event page. This is a special one, I've been wanting to book Jeb for years.
Paul Willis
Jeb Loy Williams tickets please

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