Haretopia, beautiful wildlandscapes with the splendid Tower of Song at its epicentre

On April Fools'Day 2071, the free land of Haretopia will celebrate 50 years - the Golden Jubilee of its discovery.

It may well be that Steven, myself and others who had a hand in drawing this vision of another world are long gone and unable to join you in the festivities that will go long into the night and possibly never stop. But plese know that we will be with you in spirit, eating, telling tall stories, going from floor to floor of the Tower of Song and of course, dancing on tables.

This is all a long time in the future and right now you don't need a ticket or a passport to enjoy the pleasures of this wild country - to explore what Haretopia has to offer, all you need to do is click HERE!

Further Info

Wed 1st April 2071

Round the clock!

Ticket Cost - Free as snakes!

1000 Characters left