Steven Appleby black bob drawing on glass

I hope this message finds you and yours in good health and coping with these challenging times.

It’s certainly been a strange few months since the pandemic took hold. Many of you reading this, like me, will have spent at least a little of lockdown ruminating on what the future holds and, being the pioneering spirits that you undoubtedly are, will have been imagining what a better world could/should look like. I, for one, would love to hear your thoughts.

So this message is to solicit your ideas as to WHAT OUR UTOPIA – Haretopia, if you will – MIGHT LOOK LIKE.

‘Be realistic, demand the impossible!’ was the slogan on an anarchist poster ubiquitous in London squats of yore and this is the attitude I think you should employ because the Haretopia I would love to see can only be generated from the unfettered creativity coming from all of you. No idea is too ridiculous.

To help visualise the vibrant place where hare people can be absolutely free to do their thing, Steven Appleby has kindly agreed to draw Haretopia based on ideas put forward by you - the true hare people.

Haretopia cannot be built in a day so please send your ideas towards WHC HQ via email, Facebook, pigeon or whatever in the next couple of weeks (by the 20th July say?) and we will see what we have to work with. And Rozie, if you want to knit your thoughts, that’s cool too.

Together we will envisage Haretopia – an inspiration to all!  

Richard (court jester of the WHC)


Thu 1st January 1970

On the drawing board

Ticket Cost Absolutely FREE!

How The Hairline crack gets in
A magical crown that enables the wearer to see the hidden views that account for her/his conduct. Encompassing hair conditioning, hairKarma, the sins of the father’s hair, and animal hair genes. The crown pulls back the fringe of samsara and gives clear mind views into the Haretopian present.
'How the hairline crack gets in'
Somehow I overlooked this, but you have grasped the very essence of how Haretopia works!


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