The fair-haired an angelic Nick Harper at 58 Fordwych Rd. plucking his first guitar

Acclaimed singer-songwriter and phenomenal guitarist, Nick Harper, makes a welcome return  with an all new show 58 FORDWYCH ROAD. The show also marks the happy return of the WHC to the Green Dragon Hotel which is finally receiving the refurbishment it deserves. Tickets are £12 and available on-line here. Advance booking is advised.

About the show:

58 Fordwych Road centres around a living room in a small flat in Kilburn, London in the mid-1960s. Then the abode of up-and-coming singer-songwriter Roy Harper and his wife Mocy. The flat was an aftehours hang-out for the legends who played at Les Cousins in Soho at the height of the acoustic explosion in swingin’ sixties London.

People like Bert Jansch, Davy Graham, John Renbourn, Paul Simon, Marc Bolan, Sandy Denny and others dropped in, to drop out, jam and try new tunes. But, all along, there was someone else there… a toddler, part of the family, inhaling the music and absorbing the vibe; Roy’s young son, Nick Harper.

Nick later carved out his own career in music, but in this unique and one-off show he plays tribute to the time, the place and to the music that became the centre of everything for him and the rest of this ‘family’.

The show runs over two halves. The first will see Nick delve into the deluge of songs he heard direct from the greats when growing up. In the second Nick will trace the journey of how these luminary figures’ music evolved and helped shape popular music beyond the sixties and revisit the eternal themes that run from then to now in songs of his own fine repertoire.

The show marks the happy return of the Wild Hare Club to the Green Dragon Hotel which is under new management by a group of local entrepreneurs who have great plans for the establishment to make it a central focus for the culture of one of the UK's loveliest counties.  

Further Info

Fri 29th March 2019


Ticket Cost £12


The Green Dragon Hotel Hereford HR4 9BG
Tel: 01432 272506

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