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Jonny Fluffypunk

An economic refugee from the London hinterland, Jonny Fluffypunk speaks words out loud that fuse bittersweet autobiography, threadbare philosophy and surreal whimsy in an act which has established him as a firm favourite at gigs, festivals, arts centres and housing benefit offices up and down the country. He has produced two books of writings - The Sustainable Nihilists' Handbook and Poundland Rimbaud -  both published by Burning Eye Books - and two solo no-fi stand-up spoken word shows, Man Up, Jonny Fluffypunk - One Man's Struggle with Late-Onset Responsibility (which spent 2015/16 touring around theatres, garden sheds, summer houses, empty shops and Britain's other ad-hoc performance spaces in a blatant championing of homespun DIY culture) and How I Came To Be Where I Never Was, all about unrequited love, trains, and being the first punk in the village, developed with Strike A Light in Gloucester.

Jonny also brings obscure art to the masses as host of Stroud’s Mr Fluffypunk’s Penny Gaff and co-host of The Hip Yak Poetry Shack, the South West’s premier lo-fi pop-up poetry gig. He raises a glass to creativity, community and the human race.


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