Kate Doody © Pauline Eggerton
Kate Doody © Pauline Eggerton
What to say about Kate? Well I’m not going to say very much lest I get myself into trouble but suffice to say that we have been friends for close on thirty years and over that time we have had a lot of fun. Kate is incredibly loyal and also knows a good thing when she sees/hears it and so is a regular at the WHC. In fact, Kate has been to more WHC shows than anybody else, other than myself, and for this I take my hat off.

Kate has many talents and among other things is a blacksmith. As it happens, it is more than likely that you have already met her, quite possibly in a field at Glastonbury. However, it is not for her ironwork that she has a coveted place in the WHC Hall of Fame but for her wordsmithing, for Kate is a poet, both pithy and witty.  

Incidentally, according to Wikipedia, the song "Blacksmith", also known as "A Blacksmith Courted Me", is a traditional English folk song, that was noted down by Ralph Vaughan Williams in 1909 from a Mrs Ellen Powell of Westhope near Weobley, Herefordshire. On that occasion it was sung to the tune "Monk's Gate", better known as the tune of "To be a pilgrim", the hymn by John Bunyan. Here’s a version by Steeleye Span, only because I couldn’t find the version by Jah Wobble and friends.
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