The Irradiates working on a new theory
The Irradiates working on a new theory
Since 2007, four scientist musicians, known as The Irradiates, have been conducting deep scientific research and development into the impact of sound on the human brain at the prestigious Scientific Surf Rock Research Department. Internationally recognised, their distinguished CVs include previous work with Hawaii Samurai, Stef and Arno, Antenna Tres and Lost Boys.

Under the aegis of the distinguished Professor Freder, the scientists’ research led to a fruitful collaboration with Steve Albini at Electrical Audio.  The results of this pioneering research can be found on the scientific group’s second album Audio Mental Manipulation Device which was made public in 2010. 

This ground-breaking publication was followed by a period of extensive travel around the globe with the group giving stage presentations of their findings in more than 20 countries. In 2014, with over 200 reports carefully filed away, the scientific group’s explorations delivered the paradigm-busting Revenge Of The Plants. With input in the laboratory from producer Jim Monroe (Adolescents, Bomboras, C.J. Ramone, Ghastly Ones), Revenge of the Plants changed minds as to what could be done with the medium of surf rock.

Ready to push our sonic knowledge even further, the fearless Irradiates keep on exploring the unknown, which is what brought them by a series of chance encounters into the orbit of The Wild Hare Club. Mind boggling!

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Patti Smith - True to the Trail

Looking forward to the live stream event by Patti Smith at 3pm EST / New York time today (ticket details here). I didn't have much pre-planned this year (just as well hey?) but had bought tickets for one of her scheduled Albert Hall shows and so this is a stop-gap.

This photo was taken in July 2014 when I tracked her down after spotting a concert poster in Tromso, Norway. I was in town with some colleagues to join the Greenpeace Esperanza for an expedition to Svalbard

Patti Smith - True to the Trail

morePatti Smith - True to the Trail