Sarah Eagle
Hopefully if you’ve clicked on this page it’s because you like the look and feel of this website as much as I do and you want to know more about the person who put it together.  This of course might not be the case – you might just have clicked on the name and wondered how come you’d missed a visit by some native American shaman to guide us on a ritual to meet the great hare spirit. Oh well, you didn’t –  Sarah Eagle is the patient website designer who realised what I hoped for with the site and made it properly functional and easy to use.

It helped that we could use elements of the WHC logo designed by US artist, Jess Rotter, (another wonderful name) of Rotter and Friends.  I’d commissioned Jess to design the logo having fallen in love with a quirky CD sleeve that she’d drawn for Martha Wainwright. Thanks to the internet I was able to track Jess down and she kindly agreed, which all goes to prove that just saying it can make it happen. Everybody loves your wild hares, Jess.

So Sarah did all the clever stuff and didn’t complain when I got all pernickety. She introduced me to the joys of Joomla, the content management system used by this site. She also rolled in my blog and imported my mailing list and integrated the website with my twitter and facebook accounts.  Sarah is smiley. local, answers the phone and is certainly organic.  She therefore comes highly recommended.

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