Horsemouth concentrating on his fingering as he records at home
Horsemouth © Howard Grange
A little history: horsemouth (or horsemouthfolk as he is now known) and I go back further than I care to remember.

Back in the day, he played guitar in a spectacularly unsuccessful band, Bush House, who attempted to invent Brooklyn afro-beat in Hackney in the 1990s. For a short while, well a gig or two, their star shone bright over the milling anarcho-squatter types in The Samuel Beckett, our preferred pub and venue at the time.  The band split up for all the usual reasons, but taking a lead from James Brown in band leadership and suggesting that fining band members for each bum note may have had something to do with it. Is he bitter that the band were ahead of their time and so never made it? No more than he’s ever been.

Over educated and under-employed, horsemouth read even more books and listened to more music from the margins. Inspired by John Fahey and Erik Satie, horsemouth returned as a solo acoustic guitarist playing his first gig at the Wild Hare Club one sun-dappled, summer Sunday afternoon at The Priory Hotel.

He has since played bass in the old-school, new wave Snatch Foster Band, and guitar in the guitar and ukulele duo, the Musicians of Bremen. More information on, and downloads from, the last mentioned project can be found here.

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Patti Smith - True to the Trail

Looking forward to the live stream event by Patti Smith at 3pm EST / New York time today (ticket details here). I didn't have much pre-planned this year (just as well hey?) but had bought tickets for one of her scheduled Albert Hall shows and so this is a stop-gap.

This photo was taken in July 2014 when I tracked her down after spotting a concert poster in Tromso, Norway. I was in town with some colleagues to join the Greenpeace Esperanza for an expedition to Svalbard

Patti Smith - True to the Trail

morePatti Smith - True to the Trail