Concept drawings for November
Concept drawings for November
Every once in a while you come across a project that is truly inspirational, so inspirational in fact that you feel compelled to be involved and so it was for me with The November Project.

The November Project is named after November, a barge on an historic mooring located in the heart of London, which the project is in the process of converting into a ZERO CARBON world-class events venue that will be entirely powered by the tidal Thames. 

In addition to a state-of-the-art venue-space located in the hold, suitable for music, film, talks and multi-media events, November will also incorporate a renewables R&D workshop on the deck above.  The power for all this will come from a tidal generator positioned on an adjacent pontoon. These concept drawings give some idea of how it will look.

The purpose of The November Project is to prove in a smart way how there is free energy to be harnessed and how a combination of vision and innovative technology can readily bring about sustainable solutions. The project will provide London’s first zero carbon electric boat fast-charge facilities and Uma, the project’s purpose-built Pure electric boat, is already exceeding expectations.  The technology being developed will point the way to how, in a short time, transport on the river could be green and clean if it is replicated the necessary infrastructure is put in place.

November’s situation on the thriving South Bank could not be more perfect for demonstrating the viability of renewable technology to a wide public and also to our politicians in the Houses of Parliament which are located almost directly across the river from November.

Right now, The November Project is seeking further investors and I am helping with campaign advice and other bits and pieces, but hopefully it won't be too long before The Wild Hare Club is hosting something wild and wonderful on the River Thames.

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