Jamie Double circus performer with  impressive muscles, tatooed arms and waxed moustache

Though never their original intention, Jamie always seems to find their way to the circus or perhaps it’s the other way round.

Be it dabbling with a diablo as a child at folk festivals or learning the art of balancing on a unicycle as a teen - having received one from a bicycle company by way of an apology for a bike frame snapping - circus always had a funny way of popping up.

At 27, living in Falmouth, Jamie discovered a small community circus project so unsurprisingly decided to visit for a day. They eventually ended up teaching there as well as performing at cabarets, festivals and in big tops.

At 32, a last-minute application led them to attend the three-year degree course at Circomedia which is where they now teach.

Years of dedication and practice mean that Jamie is now strongman, acrobat, aerialist, juggler and sideshow performer of international repute.

Prepare to be astounded Hare-People!

For a sneak peek of the human marvel that is Jamie Double please follow on Instagram @jamiedouble


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