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Feeling a bit stiff in the joints, your ears in need of a warm tickle? Then take my advice and listen to DJ DrummieDave’s Wild Hare's 2020 Summer Special! – a mix especially made to loosen limbs and entice smiles and get you stringing up the fairy lights and dancing round the garden, the kitchen table or wherever.

Dave is based in York where he's been involved in DJ events for some years, more recently co-running a Club Night - ¡Tropica!- with a team of half-a-dozen world music DJs. Duties also include playing at live events such as recent gigs by Dele Sosimi, Nubiyan Twist, Pat Thomas and K.O.G. & the Zongo Brigade. Dave also broadcasts a fortnightly programme on a new York community radio station, Jorvik Radio 94.8FM  (stream on alternate Monday evenings 8 – 10pm). With a working career in and around the music business, including 13 years running Stern's African music shop in central London – a legendary oasis where I picked up my first wonky and very much treasured cassette of Orchestra Baobab - and a ten-year stint as drummer with Doctors of Dub (played a storming gig at the Malvern Fringe in the mid-90s!) Dave is steeped in the scene and, through his radio programme and live events, a keen promoter of new material and new artists from across the globe.

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