The kaleidoscopic face of Libbertine Vale
The kaleidoscopic face of Libbertine Vale

ALL HAIL the creative maelstrom that is Libbertine Vale!

Libbertine Vale is an artist and singer.

Most often to be found singing with far-out psych bands Omnia Opera and 7shades, Libertine is occasionally persuaded to come and sing her favourite melancholic songs acapella, the sort of songs that she sings to cows and sheep while she walks her dog.

Her macabre set of Uncomfortable Songs about Death, drawn from the dusty annals of folk tradition, will either kill or heal your ears. Fear not, it is not as grim as it sounds for contained within these tales there are (almost) always the seeds of renewal.

Libbertine's artwork is worth a gander too. Armed with a sewing machine, Libby employs the process of machine sketching to create textiles that combine text and illustration to stitch together stories of contemporary life, such as her patchwork bedspread that on closer inspection reveals the day-to-day reality of a trafficked woman.  

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