The Irascibles live on stage
The Irascibles
Ah yes, The Irascibles.  Like many of the bands and artists that find their way to the Wild Hare Club, The Irascibles have a shroud of mystery about them and a myth has grown up about their beginnings. So in their own words -

“... it’s not mythology its true, there really was a vulture circling round Wales when I moved back from London To Cardiff back in the noughties… that's when I knew I had to start the band… little did I know at the time that we were embarking on an epic voyage of discovery into our own musical hinterland traversing the country of the Appalachian Mountains, the jive of South Africa’s townships and spanning the urban blues of the windy city, Chicago, and the rain-soaked blues of Cardiff.

A journey of a lifetime... Heck no! it’s not mythology, it's real... listen

Yours Truly 

Nicholas Icarus (The Irascibles)

The Irascibles floated into the ether 6 years ago - Phil Moxham, sweetheart of the indie scene, his brother in beat (and in blood) Drew and their friend, singer-songwriter, Nick Lewis. Phil and Drew have been enthusiastic purveyors of world music since the 80's whilst Nick has been equally obsessive about country blues since he was 15. They then started to cross paths in the Cardiff music scene (they were at the same gigs in their teens before they even knew each other (The Specials, the Beat, The Police)! They enjoyed the toasting reggae scene, the clatter of post punk and all that Cardiff Soul.

Nowadays, The Irascibles are the epitome (is that a make of guitar?) of what a lean three-piece should sound like - tendon-taught drums, growling, predatory bass, the scratch, strum and twang of a Telecaster topped by a soulful Welsh voice. One song you're seeing flying saucers from a '50s science fiction B-movie and by the next you swear you're hearing the indestructible beat of Soweto.

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