“Welcome to the Tower of Song”

Meet Lenny, the ever courteous and well-groomed custodian of the Tower of Song. You are much more likely to refer to him by his proper name or perhaps Sir, which is only right and shows due deference to this master of the art of popular song – possibly the most revered artform in Haretopia.

Be delighted as he welcomes one and all, guides you through the Tower of Song and freely shares with you the answer to the great mysteries…

I said to Hank Williams, how lonely does it get?

Hank Williams hasn't answered yet

But I hear him coughing all night long

Oh, a hundred floors above me in the Tower of Song

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Guest blog from WHC friend and artist, Simon Meiklejohn, on Bleached - Vulgar Earth's exhibition of coral-related artworks by various Vulgar Earth artists that have come into being through a unique collaboration with scientists from the Coral Reef Laboratory of the University of Southampton