Libraries are the cathedrals of Haretopia. Libraries are places of learning, performance and debate: they house huge collections of books and all sorts of other things. These libraries are warm and welcoming with enough space to host large gatherings but also possess enough nooks and crannies for small groups to hatch plans or try their hand at any art or craft. These spaces are usually burbling with chatter but there are places where you can be quiet and utterly still. Generally though, hare-people enjoy speed - hence the love of harepin bowling - and getting things done. This said, hare-people tend not to be that keen on deadlines nor of being told what to do.

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Guest blog from WHC friend and artist, Simon Meiklejohn, on Bleached - Vulgar Earth's exhibition of coral-related artworks by various Vulgar Earth artists that have come into being through a unique collaboration with scientists from the Coral Reef Laboratory of the University of Southampton