Blackberry Wood in front of the Wildh Hare Club banner with the audience all lying on the floor waving their legs in the air with wild abandon
Blackberry Wood at The Green Dragon © Richard Shakespeare

"Everbody put your legs in the air for Blackberry Wood!" And that's what everybody did as can be seen from Shakeypix's photograph.

Blackberry Wood  come all the way from Canadee - I – O  and were introduced to me some years ago by Bella who said they were looking for a gig in a few weeks. Together we booked The Green Dragon and put the word out. It was one of the most joyous Wild Hare nights ever, everybody seemed so up for it.

Well what's not to like about a band of dressed-up travellin' gypsy party musicians who peddle a bohemian beat of wildly-exciting, high-powered acoustic dance music? The band  mix original tunes with some brilliantly chosen and unexpected covers and play them with such joy that they create an instant festival vibe and everyone dances.

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