Rogora Khart
Rogora Khart
The band musika, Rogora Khart, hail from the heady metropolis that is Newportograd, way over the border, where they have nurtured their own form of explosive Black Sea punk.

Inspired by Eastern European music, art-deco cabaret, burlesque, gypsy and punk, Rogora Khart have but one desire which is to entertain and have you whirling in abandon, coaxed on by the enthralling dancing of the hypnotic Siluria.

Theirs is a joyous dance music – a punky folk 'n' roll with songs sung in Georgian, German, English, Welsh and Russian.  They demand that you forget your worries and celebrate life. They sing of the eternal search for the magical Shupka and humankind’s quest for uplifting art. These humble musicians know of the simple joy of eating chips after drinking beer when you don’t have much money

Nearly lost for words, after experiencing their frenzied and slightly disturbing live show, one traveller likened them to “the Pogues fronted by Dracula – UKIP’s worst nightmare”. This of course makes them our newest best friends.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Wild Hare Club gives you Rhogora Khart -

Riko Rikishvil - Vocals & bombarde

Dato Gradnahze – Guitar

Makhare Abramavar – Bass

Datshi Cozhari – Bouzouki

Pytor Sapniskhi – Drums

Siluria – Dancing and enchanting

Didi madloba, megarebi!  Thank you, friends!

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