Hattie in full flow under the spotlights with her accordion
The one and only Hattie Hatstar!

If, like Hattie Hatstar (accordion-slinger for hire), you’d spent the last twenty years or so treading the boards of the UK and European festival and cabaret circuit entertaining the masses, you’d know a fair bit about life: enough, in fact, to write a book or, like Hattie, write a few songs.

Hattie has a song for just about every aspect of the human condition. Expect drinking songs (of course), songs about underwear (knickers), boyfriends (this may or may not be a good thing), smoking (this also may or may not be a good thing), drugs (yeah, yeah), sex (you’ve perked up again), ageing disgracefully (we wouldn’t know) and Armageddon (sadly topical in these end days). Yes, songs about the very stuff that makes up all our lives. Oh, and murder... Not that I am suggesting you, or indeed Hattie, has ever actually killed anyone. Bet you’ve all thought about it though.

Come rain or shine, the warmth and wit of the one and only Hattie Hatstar will put a shit-kicking grin on your face which is just as well given the vagaries of the weather in this country.


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Alastair Shaw - Big Al slips away

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Alastair Shaw - Big Al slips away

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